Duolingo – Language as a service

Hello guys, I’m here only to talk about Duolingo, and how it is a helpful to get a new language better. Some time ago I started with English, but a have no motivation to practice daily. Now I start again with Spanish, and Duolingo have increasing my learn curve in a significant way, of course Duolingo isn’t the only way I’ve learned, I have a teacher and a native Spanish speaker to practice and both are useful. The teacher can help fix my worse errors, while with a native I can practice in normal conditions, not in a “controlled ambient” like with a teacher.
But coming back to Duolingo, I’m now doing it for sixty days without fail one. It’s nice, because I trainee exhaustively some words in a way I’ll ever remember a word when I need that, I can see that when I’m talking in Portuguese with Ofelia (Spanish native) and she doesn’t know a word in Portuguese but for reflex she says the word in Spanish and I can translate to Spanish instantaneously, it’s a awesome sensation for someone who starts learn Spanish only five months ago.
Other amazing thing is I can now read some Spanish books, I finished two until now and I’m reading the third. The easy part is the Spanish is like the Portuguese, because that the read is easiest than talk or listen. A important point here is the age of book, for old books, how in the most of languages, the vocabulary is a little hardest, so, try a actual one.
Some tricks to enjoy Duolingo better.
  • Practice in the same moment all days
  • Invite to friends to practice with you
  • Establish little goals and increase them when you achieve the goals
  • Try a minimum 50 points per day
  • Try Duolingo in different platforms (mobile, pc)
  • Don’t think only try other Language in Duolingo will make you a polyglot
The first trick is explained with habits, once you get that automatically isn’t painful do that every days. The second one is a nice reason, when you compete with friends you have a large stimulus to continues that every day. The follow trick is good to you not disappoint yourself when you don’t get your goals, small goals are easiest to handle, so try the small ones before pursuit the hard ones. About try 50 points a day, do less than fifty aren’t real helpful to continues your learn curve, with 50 point you can do like 3 skills per day, it’s a reasonable objective to reinforce in a significant way, you can try more than that, but remember, establish little goals and than increase them. Duolingo in different platform is a nice thing too, because each platform is singular in their exercises, of course, the most of them are equals, but some aren’t and it could help the way you learn the language. The last one, of course you need try other things, like newspapers, videos, Series and books too, but talk is the best way to learn an idiom, you can google sites to talk with another language speakers. Duolingo only give to you the vocabulary, you need redirect it and choose the way you would give to vocabulary a better use.

PS 1Here is the link to a study done by Duolingo research about how are the results to learn through this service. It’s nice too see when the person push yourselves more to learn something.
PS 2: I’ll continue this article with how they monetize the idea.
That’s all folks.

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