My first Spanish book

Today I finished my first book in Spanish, since i knew Ofelia I start training Spanish and this is a nice adventure. On the begin I started with Duolingo, and it was a good thing to get some vocabulary, because the Spanish is very similar of Portuguese get this myself without problem. One or Two months after that I started with a Spanish teacher, she isn’t native for a country that have a Spanish like a language, but she classes help-me a lot a get more nuances and idiomatic expressions of the language.

A good thing is no learn this idiom is, I have a native to practice, and it’s a point that speed up a lot the learning curve. Another thing I believe it’s crucial to my growth in the language it’s because the structure of Spanish and Portuguese are so much similar in the sentences times, and this kind of thing, what is the opposite of English.

Read some newspaper help too, doing that you could get more usual words that you’ll use on many situations on your day-by-day. I really like podcasts too, so I started to listen some in spanish, but no one of them have pleased me (if you know some good one you could comment after article), the most of them are made by radios so the quality and same the content isn’t real good, anyway always is a opportunity. Of course I don’t need talk about watch series and movies on the language you’re learning. 😉

But the Spanish is a big language, and the problem is that in every place they use some the words in a different way. Of course if you can speak Spanish on Brazil the people will understand your Spanish on India or China, but because some nuances of the language you are more leaning to commit some unnecessary shames. If you wan’t see better what i’m talking about you could check this video.

On the begin I really hated the language, but now i’m really exited about that, in some days I believe be finish on Duolingo, but to no loose my routine i’m think on do Spanish to English speakers (I believe it isn’t the same that Spanish to Portuguese Speakers), and with that I expect training both of language.

I’m think about have a time on Mexico too, so it’s the major reason because i dedicate so much time on that, and guess it’s well. Maybe in some future I can start to write in Spanish too , in the really i was thinking on translate some cool stuff (Translate a project is one of my projects to the life too). I already started my second book, but i’m not so excited about this one, it’s hard to get good ones on my city.

Bellow I write about some interesting resource to who want learn more or increasing the speed up on the language could trainee a lot:

Duolingo – I don’t need explain about that, it’s simple the largest site on languages learning.
Memrise – It’s like a duolingo but you repeat the words more than last one.
Clube de cuervos – A Netflix TV series filmed on Mexico
Pablo Escobar – A TV series that looks like Narcos but is more extensive (in the really Narcos looks like Pablo Escobar)
La rosa the los vientos – A radio podcast about all kind of stuffs
Nomadas – A podcast about travel
Control de Cambios – Podcast about technology (downloaded but not listen yet)
Coffee Break Spanish – It’s a good podcast about the language
Polyglot club – A site where you can practice a idiom besides you teach a language that you control well to the other people (chat and video calls).

It is a nice adventure and while I’ll get better (or not) I write some progress here.

That’s all folks.


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