Lately I’ve been at low productivity at work, no matter how much time I spent on the company. So I’m trying some new things to level up the productivity. The most curious and simple way to start that i found was pomodoro technique. I’ll not introduce into that, i can tell you there’s is in internet a really good stuff teaching what it is and how it works, basically you work 25 minutes on a task and then relax for 5 minutes doing anything else (not related with your tasks, obviously). So I’ll write about, how it works (or does not work) for me and my work team.

I work with four others programmers and we agreed to give a chance together. Basically for me, it worked well, JUST THE FIRST AND SECOND DAYS . I don’t know if it was because of enthusiasm and euphoria  to start something totally new.

The first days we did it well. So we basically go ahead with the pomodoro technique straight, programming 25 minutes. But the other days I can’t finish nothing and I couldn’t  concentrate the 25 minutes. And even worse, all the times that I was near to finish something the pomodoro jingle I felt like stopped on the climax of the moment, so when I returned  to the task I needed five more minutes to arrive at  the same point where I stopped.

Maybe Pomodoro didn’t worked for me, so I decided to try with another options and guess what?… Succeed. I could increase my productivity with other two ways. With meditation. Yes, I didn’t believe in this kind of thing until now, but it’s working (really) well (I can write about that latter).
The Second option I tried was to make a Kanban with some post-its, it helps me to see my workflow. Something I can’t measure on manager tool (that we use to set and get projects demand).

After all, my experience with pomodoro wasn’t that negative. Because one of my co-workers get the right way to do the pomodoro technique for himself, with some alter I guess, He said, he set a lower time to work and a lower time to break too. Something like 20/3 or 15/2 (work/pause – minutes) I’m not sure about the right time.  the good that came from this was  that not everything it’s going to work equal to everybody. Sometimes it may not work for you something , but not because that ‘ re wrong, it just could be simply because it’s not the adequate for you.

That’s all folks.


You can know pomodoro technique better on the follow links:


Thanks for Ofelia for help me correcting my poor English.

Get better productivy (or not) with pomodoro technique

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